Research & Development

We offer product development for a variety of products, from flavors/fragrances to skin care to dietary supplements. Once your product is finalized, we provide testing to ensure your product is ready for the market. Our testing includes acceralated stability and long-term testing, challenge testing, and preservative effectiveness testing.


Our manufacturing team has in-dept knowledge and experience in the production process to provide high quality products to our customer's specifications. Our processing includes blending, filling, packaging, induction sealing, coding, and more.

Research & Development
  1. Skin Care
    Skin Care
    We formulated a variety of skin care products, from hair care to sun care to skin care.
  2. Flavors | Fragrances
    Flavors | Fragrances
    We can provide different types of flavors and fragrances to make your products more desirable.
  3. Dietary Supplements
    Dietary Supplements
    From raw materials to extraction, we can assist with formulating dietary powder and drinks.
Our formulation team has experience in the flavors, fragrances, skin care, and dietary supplements. Our services starts with consultation with our R&D team. Our team will use their expertise to develop a formula and create samples. When you approve the samples we formulated, we can provide testing to ensure your product is ready and stable for manufacturing. 
  1. Labeling
  2. Compounding | Filling
    Compounding | Filling
  3. Quality Control
    Quality Control
Our manufacturing includes collecting raw materials, compounding, filling, labeling, packaging, and shipping. Our quality control department ensures that your product meets your specifications.